“It’s the kind of morning I feel I should be photographing, but this moment is just another of which there are too many.”
— Roblin Meeks’ “Last Days
“Not everything I write is good and not everything I write comes easily. It is because of that, not in spite of it, that I am a writer.”
— Pippa Biddle’s “When Writing Hurts

It’s crazy to write books and have no one know you’re doing it. I remember finishing a book one day and allowing myself to drive through a fast food joint as a reward, and feeling this compulsion to tell the cashier that I’d just written a novel. I didn’t, of course, but I remember feeling it.

I have friends who run marathons and compete in bike races, and they are always training and working up to these events, and everyone knows these accomplishments are looming and what the results are, so this life-defining hobby is something they’re able to wear on their sleeves. For writers, it’s intensely private and personal. It’s really crazy how much time and effort goes into something that has little chance of winning a large audience. But maybe that’s where the romanticism of writing comes from.

The value of numbers.

  1. How much do 1,000 followers mean if they’re following you for something that you neither believe in nor enjoy?
  2. How much does one follower mean when they’re following you for something you’re passionate, open, and honest about?
“Once true passion hits you, you can recognize all the times in your life when you were chasing the wrong dream. And after you’ve experienced that sustained fulfillment, you’ll never want to settle for anything less.”
— Biz Stone, Co-founder of Twitter, via Things a Little Bird Told Me
“If you don’t wake up excited for the day ahead, and you think you’re on the wrong path, how do you find your way? I always tell people to back into it. Imagine working on something you love. Describe it to yourself. Don’t focus on how much money you want. Instead, think about this: What type of people surround you? What sort of work are they doing? How do you get to work? What adjectives would people use to describe what you do?”
— Biz Stone, Co-founder of Twitter, via Things a Little Bird Told Me

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